Sunday, October 21, 2012

Witchly Wicked and Oh, so Crazy!

Welcome to the land of the Wicked....witches that is...

I was trying to think of something wicked last month after the Bowl Blog Hop and since the crazy patch is so much fun, and at times a little Wicked, why not do it again....

But a whole lot more Wicked!  

Here is the first I created.....

Don't you just love the eyes on the right border?

 That was so much fun, I decided to make another one.  I love the freedom to put a fabric where ever I want and if something leaves a gap, well, there is always applique...BOO!

....Another applique is the witches badge, I call it, with the cauldron which says:

"Double, Double toil and trouble
 Fire burn and Cauldron bubble"

 I hope you enjoyed your stay in the land of the
Wicked and leave with a smile.

Be sure to visit my fellow
Wicked Blog Hoppers today:
Monday, October 22nd

Quilts And Smily Faces (you are here!)

Thank you! 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Blog at last

I guess you have to start here I go...

Now what do I about a little about myself...aww a subject I know something about..

I am a quilter, crafter, homemaker to my dear husband, our daughter and granddaughter, and their dog. I also love to make people smile and myself of course...thus the smily will see some when I figure out how to add them.